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Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategy has no universal definition though it is often  understood to include the act of attracting more people to the website of the institution or entity being marketed, increasing the customers purchasing the products and services online and making the services and the products or the nature of business known to many over the internet.   

There are various marketing online strategies. One of the major online marketing strategies is ensuring that the website being marketed is ranked among the top or at the top by the commonly used search engines like Google, binq, Internet Explorer and related internet search engines. The services of a professional web designer are necessary and the website should be designed such that it is easy to access. To be ranked top by these internet search engines, one may be needed to pay some commission. Though this marketing online strategy is expensive, it has immediate positive results since being ranked on top by search engines means more visitors which may translate to more sales which is the goal of marketing. 

Another online marketing is publishing articles, newsletters, blogs and magazines on frequently researched issues and topics like environmental conservation, management, eco tourism and corporate social responsibility and placing them on the website for free download. Those downloading or accessing the published articles will also come across the products and services marketed by the publisher.  

Other marketing online strategies include affiliate programs where by one pays a related company to link persons browsing its website to yours. Affiliate programs may need to be paid for. Blogging and interacting with those who visit the website, and SMS /emails to potential customers and customers is also another modern form of online marketing. Viral video campaign marketing strategy which is a ‘videolized’ form of advertisement is a recent and result guaranteeing form of online marketing

The website should also be managed and updated regularly so as to have information on the most recent activities of the owner of the website. Website owners should also ensure proper content management system to ensure that all URLs are valid and images are displayed clearly. A customer feed back or enquiry tab on the website is important in determining the customers’ utility from their complaints, compliments and enquiries.  


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